Progressive, innovative

at the forefront of care delivery

Who we are

Founded by doctors almost two decades ago, MACC Care has grown to become one of the UK’s leading providers of elderly care with a network of luxury care homes across the Midlands and exciting plans to extend our philosophy of care further afield, with new homes opening in Leicestershire and Buckinghamshire.

We create bespoke developments that address elderly residential, nursing and dementia care needs and are proud to deliver clinical excellence twinned with the compassionate approach that makes a real difference in people’s lives.

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Our values

MACC Care’s core values encompass love, care and compassion. These characteristics embody our spirit, inspire all within our teams and resonate throughout our growing care homes family.

What makes us different?

MACC Care is forward-thinking, inclusive, progressive and consistent; 100% committed to supporting and enriching the lives of all making up our communities.

Residents, their relatives and our own staff are all part of the extended ‘family’ and every home within our portfolio is consistent in approach yet unique in personality, character and feel.

Design knowhow

The design of our stunning care home developments is borne from our holistic care philosophy. We strive to create unique, high-quality environments; inspired living spaces in which individuals can feel safe, supported and thrive.

All MACC Care homes are purpose-built and well-considered; wonderful environments, enjoyed by all who spend time in them.

Equipped to become a centre of excellence for memory care in the Midlands, Blythe Rose features dementia living design guided by award-winning HammondCare.

‘Close care’ – future-proof and seamless

Sutton Rose and Blossomfield Rose feature luxury MACC Retirement apartments in close proximity. Sharing superb amenities and social spaces, care home residents and apartment owners alike benefit from an enriched, extended community. These schemes are perfect for couples with differing health and care needs and offer a seamless transition for those living independently should specialist nursing or dementia care be needed.

Harnessing technologies. Improving lives

Cutting-edge technologies are used throughout our homes ensure the safety and wellbeing of all every resident. From acoustic safety monitoring equipment, to hand held devices and electronic care plans our teams are equipped to work efficiently, effectively and in residents’ best interests at all times.

Nurse Call System
Giving our residents access to quick and timely care

Safety Monitoring
Enables timely intervention and provides reassurance for relatives

Care Planning
Immediate electronic updates and information always accessible by staff during care delivery

Fire Sprinklers
Located throughout the home for maximum safety

Prioritising safety and wellbeing

MACC Care has placed considerable emphasis on implementing the very best infection control technology and Covid-safe amenities available. Today as we ‘live with’ the virus, our communities can keep safe, well and continue to enjoy life within our homes.

MACC Care policy documents: